We are now welcoming qualified individuals to enroll for this Fall’s course focused on Business ForecastingThis course will bring a renewed enthusiasm to your business and help kick-start your 2018!

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You will receive FOUR Group Coaching Sessions and TWO One-on-One Sessions with a top-tier, certified Senior Coach (read course details below)

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You will receive FOUR Group Coaching Sessions and TWO One-on-One Sessions with a top-tier, certified Senior Coach.

  • You will learn what it means to “Know your Numbers” and how they impact your future
  • You will go through a detailed Goal Setting session and have a realistic goal for 2018
  • You will be given our exclusive tracking program called, AWARE!  This program will contain your personalized Business Forecast and guide you towards your yearly goal.




What WE Offer

The ancient proverb, what you seek you will find, holds true in every aspect of our lives, especially in the business world. If your desire has been to get more out of life and improve your yearly income, then it is no mystery as to why you find yourself reviewing our coaching programs.

You’re not alone, countless individuals have gone the path before and have seen the other side of the success coin; one where you make more income, have a balanced lifestyle and time left over to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Coaching is the thread that weaves the pattern of success and clothes you with confidence and fulfillment, let’s get started…


Accountability is the key to unlock a greater level of success in your business and personal life; if you want more and have goals to increase your yearly earnings, than 1-on-1 coaching is the starting point.

The following lists, in part, what this package offers:

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions lasting 30-45 minutes each with the coach
  • Business Development and Refinement
  • Goal execution focused on time management, business enhancement, lead generation and momentum
  • Inspect detailed tracking to observe business growth
  • Receive “on the go” strategies to improve brand recognition and continued expansion

Program options


  • One Year
  • 24 – 26 sessions (Bi-weekly)
  • 30-45 minute coaching sessions
  • Up to five bonus sessions annually as needed
  • The “AWARE” System is Included ($295.00 value)


  • One Year
  • Weekly Coaching for the first 8 weeks.
  • Bi weekly coaching from session 8 through session 30.
  • 30-45 minute coaching sessions.
  • Up to five bonus sessions annually as needed.
  • The “AWARE” System is Included.
  • Flat Fee or Percentage of Closed Transaction (Fee TBD)

Business Planning

You may have heard it said, “He who fails to plan actually plans to fail”. Many start out with big goals, great enthusiasm but as days roll into weeks and weeks into months one might find themselves completely off track of where they intended.

Business planning is the life blood to your revenue stream; so if you find yourself overworked and underpaid a simple blue print can help turn things around

The following list are some of the essential questions we will unwrap as we customize your plan:

  • How did cash flow into your business?
  • Do you know which months were stronger which months were weaker?
  • Did you factor in seasonality when you began to lay out a plan?
  • How many listing appointments did you go on, and how many listings did you get?
  • What percentage of your listings actually sold?
  • The more data we gather, the stronger your plan will be.

Performance Coaching

With our PERFORMANCE COACHING PROGRAM, we work with our clients to strategically improve the amount of time they invest in HIGH PAYOFF Activities, which translates into increase revenue.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t have assurance over your income. If you find yourself weary of where your next check is coming from, performance coaching is the option for you! We can show you how to use techniques that bring financial security and confidence.

The following list highlights some areas this program explores:

  • We will focus on the attributes that make your business stand out and refine brand image.
  • We will be setting goals, working on time management, business development, lead generation, lead activation, and lifestyle balance.
  • We will work on tracking and knowing the numbers that are important to all small business owners.
  • We will know exactly where we are financially at any given time, and have strategies to stay on track for the goals we set together.

Group Coaching Program

The goal behind this program is to offer the coaching experience to a group of individuals who want to see improvements but are unsure what to expect from a coaching series. Most individuals move on to our full year One on One Coaching Program.

  • 6 coaching sessions over 6 weeks
  • Each participant will receive our “AWARE” program (Actual Cost $295.00)
  • All forms, working spreadsheets, all Fidelity Coaching forms, scripts and dialogues.

Below are some, but not all of the things we will cover over the 6 weeks:


  • Knowing YOUR behavior style and what this means in the sales world. Your personal DISC assessment.
  • Working with “AWARE” and what that means for your business.
  • Knowing your numbers
  • We will create a BUSINESS PLAN
  • Prospecting for new business, both ACTIVE and PASSIVE.
  • Tracking Listings on hand, pending transactions, and closed transactions.
  • Lead generation, lead identification, lead follow up, and lead management.
  • Tracking your day by the half hour to determine how much time you invest in high pay off activities.
  • Blocking your time, time management.
  • Goal setting with a purpose and a result in mind. Starting with the end in mind.

Time Management

FIDELITY COACHING implements systems to aide in time management. FIDELITY COACHES will  focus on making adjustments to ensure daily activities achieve the best possible results.

Time Management is one of the prerequisites for building a strong real estate practice. Have you ever noticed how one agent may work 60 hours a week and make very little, where another agent works 40 hours a week and makes a six-figure income. What is the difference? It’s not because they’re better looking or smarter. But it has much to do with how they spend their TIME. From a coaching standpoint, time management is the one ingredient that can improve month after month, year after year, and with it comes the increased income we are all lookingfor.

For many agents, their business runs actually them and their lives, and this takes CONTROL out of their hands. Due to the nature of this business you have to be proactive, you have to take charge of your business. We work with our clients to teach them how to block out time for the high payoff activities. Without time tracking or creating an environment where you have a game plan for how your day will be structured, you may not have the time or energy required to focus high payoff activities.

The Six main high payoff activities are:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Lead follow-up
  3. Quantified showing appointments
  4. Quantified listing appointments
  5. Writing and negotiating offers
  6. Self improvement and Coaching your team

If you are doing anything other than these six activities you are more than likely spending time in low payoff activities. We will help you create a plan so that you can get your high payoff activities in every day. In turn you will see your income rise commensurately.

Goal Setting

FIDELITY COACHING helps our clients identify and define individual goals. Whether your goals are to take a weekend off, be home for dinner nightly, break into a new niche or market, or make 25, 50, or even 100% more than you did last year, FIDELITY will help you define success, set goals, and track your progress.

We at FIDELITY are firm believers in goal setting. It’s been proven over the years that those who set goals actually achieve more than those who do not set goals. Even more importantly those who set written goals will accomplish even more than those who just set goals verbally or in their mind.

Many people set goals by plucking numbers from the air when it comes to how much money they’d like to make in the coming year. This is not really goal setting this is more like a wish or a desire but it’s not really a goal because there’s nothing to support it. You cannot get leverage from a wish but you can from a goal. Over the years we have used at least part of a system we call SMART GOAL SETTING. You see SMART is an acronym for how to set a goal.

S = (Specific) the goal must be specific it cannot be vague

M = (Measureable) the goal must be measurable I need to be able to break it down into chunks.

A = (Attainable) the goal must be within reach. It must be something that you can visualize and actually see attaining it.

R = (Reasonable) the goal must be reasonable and that is why we often look at the past to determine whether or not it is reasonable.

T = (Time Component) I need to be able to determine that I can do this in specific amounts of time.  When we set yearly goals we chunked them down into quarterly and monthly and even weekly goals so that we can accomplish them.

Having said all of this there are many additional questions that are really important when it comes to goal setting.  The POWER of the WHY!  In order to get true leverage on yourself, you must have a powerful WHY to keep you constantly engaged on a day to day basis.

    • Why do I want to achieve this goal?
    • Why is this important to me? What will happen if I don’t accomplish this?
    • How will I feel?  What will I think if I DON’T accomplish this goal?
    • How will I feel and what will I think if I DO accomplish the goal?
    • Why is this so important?


Group Training program

Our group Training Program is a great choice for individuals who want to learn together to improve themselves individually and collectively. You can find out more about this program by email or phone.